Attract Money With the Right Belief About Money

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Having the right attitude about money is one of the main keys to attracting more wealth into your life. By changing your mindset about money, you can change literally change your life. These are some tools to help you change your attitude towards money which will transform your life. If you practice these, you will certainly become wealthy sooner or later (hopefully, it will be sooner than later).

Your Beliefs About Money
Did you know there are two basic beliefs about money? One is a belief that there is a lack and scarcity in this world, and hence it is hard to earn more money. The other is a belief that there world is full of abundance and we can easily tap into the abundant source.

Sadly, but true; majority of people grow up in environments where there is lack and scarcity; and where our family and friends plant the ideas in our heads that money is scarce. Hence we tend to adopt the scarcity mindset rather than a wealth mindset. Is it any wonder that more than 95% of the population of the world is not rich?

In order to adopt the right belief, you must first of all identify your beliefs about money. Once you know what money beliefs you have, you can make a choice to adopt the right belief about money: the belief that there is abundance everywhere and you have the right to be rich. In fact, you can have all the money you want-you are only limited by your lack of belief!

Choose The Right Attitude
According to the law of attraction, you attract into your life what you focus on and think about most of the time. Naturally, this also applies with regards to money.

If you want to start attracting money, do not focus any more on your lack of money. Stop focussing on the idea that you cannot afford what you want. Do not focus on your small bank account or your debt. Start to think big and believe that you can really have the wealth you desire by starting with the right wealth mindset

In "Infinite Possibilities" Mike Dooley gives an account of how he changed his mindset about money. Whenever he ate out and the waiter brought him the bill, he would joke "Good thing that I'm rich!". In this way, he started putting himself in the mindset he actually wanted to experience.


If you adopt an attitude of gratitude, you attract more good things into your life. Be grateful for what you already have. Gratitude gives you a feeling of abundance and puts you in positive vibration so it is a powerful tool for attracting more wealth into your life. Spend some time every day expressing gratitude toward money each day and I assure you this will make you feel more grateful, happier and wealthier. These tools will help you attract more wealth and happiness into your life.

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Attract Money With the Right Belief About Money

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This article was published on 2010/04/03