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No body wants to pay more for any product or services & especially during the time of recession we can't even think of luxurious dreams like holidays & travel. Even we have to think thousand times for priorities like medical check-up or starting your dream business.

It's obvious that nobody wants to compromise with quality too. Does this mean that we don't have an option to save our hard earned money?

Having worked for two & a half years as a teacher, thirteen & a half years for the government, a year in hospitality & marketing industry & a half year for an American bank changed my view about the term "value for money" & it really pinches when we shell out our hard earned money on purchases or services whose price are sky high & even though we are well aware that the particular product or service do not deserve that price but still we end up paying because we don't have an option.

I've seen many corporate executives traveling with top class tickets, staying in lavish hotels or serviced apartments all sponsored by companies. But, very few maintain the same when they retire or leave the company; because, it really pinches when we shell out our hard earned money.

Well cheer up now! There are simple solutions which we don't count at all.

My search for "value for money" without compromising with quality was surprising. To my surprise several individuals & organizations have kept their price tag very low without compromising quality. On being asked whether their business is struggling (doubting the low price as a reason) they said it's smooth and it's amazing that most of them are expanding their business.

These simple tips might help you:

1. Before traveling or purchasing ask you family or friends & acquire some knowledge.

2. Get information from those who have already traveled or purchased by submitting questions in the internet. (I trust internet because I get feedback from real people on various topics)

3. Find out whether any known person, persons known to your family or friends are staying in your visiting place. (To me they are the most trustworthy person on earth)

4. My brother-in-law is very unlucky because he gets to know about his close friends, school mate or colleagues from previous company staying in a particular place only when he returns from a place and discusses it. So do a research in advance so that you don't have to regret.

5. Do not go for shopping the moment you land. Get information from hotel boys, waiters, hotel security, pedestrians so that you can get some idea about the best shopping places. You may not get everything under one roof so be prepared to travel to a different area for a particular product.

6. For many relationship are important than business so etiquette & behavior counts a lot.

7. You'll find many people on earth for help so keep your ego away & don't be ashamed to do a survey or search the internet for more information or seek help from fellow human beings & you will surely find service providers or Good Samaritan who are god fearing, genuine & kind people & not cut-throat businessmen.

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Extremely Low Budget Travel!

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This article was published on 2010/04/03