Law of Attraction - How to Change Your Attitude About Money

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The Law of Attraction principles are easy to learn, but sometimes more difficult to put into practice, particularly when it is money that you wish to attract. Because you have beliefs about the scarcity of money in your life, you are projecting that energy out to the Universe which will reflect it right back to you. Result? You get more scarcity. So how do you change your thoughts and energy about money?

  • Release your old beliefs. You don't have to go back and figure them out. You energize them by focusing on them. You want to take the energy out of them, not add more. Just put your energy on affirmations like: I AM attracting only good things into my life. I AM allowing money to flow into my life. If the negative beliefs create your scarcity, then abundance beliefs create your new financial reality. Forgive those old beliefs and just let them go. Imagine a deflated balloon on the top of your head and take a deep breath, and then let all those old beliefs go out the top of your head inflating the balloon and then tie it off and let it go up, up, up.
  • Create new beliefs Since your old beliefs were created by you thinking or saying some idea repeatedly, you can create a new one by repeating the new idea many times until your mind accepts it as true. It doesn't HAVE to be TRUE. Your mind accepts anything you repeat often enough.
  • Begin to love yourself Not having enough money relates to you not believing in yourself because you think you aren't good enough, or deserving enough or worthy of having what you desire. These too, are old beliefs that you must eliminate. Start telling yourself new ideas about who you are when you look at yourself in the morning mirror. This was the beginning of the self-improvement movement when people started saying, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better."
  • Be grateful You have so many things going right for you all day long, even if it starts out with three things going wrong. You have clothes to put on, your faucet had hot and cold water, you found food in your refrigerator and you can still put a smile on your face. Be grateful for little things, like the sunshine or the rain or the snow or the fog. Use your commute to work to think of little things to be grateful for. (You may still have a job.) Gratitude raises your feelings and your feeling good will attract good things.
  • Realize that it's not just about money I heard someone say that wealth is what you have left after you've lost all your money. Wealth is not just cash, wealth is your talents, your energy, your passion, your resources. You and your attitude about yourself are the main ingredients to attracting money or abundance or anything you desire.
  • Open your mind to new opportunities When you begin feeling good about life and yourself, you will begin to see opportunities for bringing in money everywhere you look.
  • Take action on those opportunities If you do something about that idea, you'll find it brings an excitement for what you're doing. The ideas are coming from a much higher vibration and it is your intuition that is pushing you towards attracting what you desire.
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Law of Attraction - How to Change Your Attitude About Money

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This article was published on 2010/04/03