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Bobby claims that Money Extractor is nothing about getting more traffic to your sites, no more copywriters cost, no more time wasting on testing and fine tuning your websites, no more reworking products or adding extra work. The most important things Bobby emphasized, no skills or technical hassles are needed!
Besides that, Bobby offers his promise; try Money Extractor for 60 days and extraordinary outcome will surely surprise us. Bobby is found to be a very reliable and successful affiliate marketer. From his past experience, Bobby able to produce a 7 figures income just from commissions. Now, Bobby wanted to share all his personal secrets and experiences to everyone by launching Money Extractor.

Introduction to Money Extractor

Money Extractor is a brand new software which limits your offer by creating a limited time period offer. Money Extractor is using a concept of by showing visitors a discount that has a specific time limit; they are compelled to buy now, before the discount countdown is over. And, due to the counter is in real time, it creates a real sense of pressure for the visitor to act fast for the discount.
Apart from that, Money Extractor is a user friendly software. It can be installed in 60 seconds. It has functions of customizable design, customizable timers, multiple site usage, works on any website, works on any product or offer, and the last but not least, 60 days money making guarantee.

Why Money Extractor?

Money Extractor gives easier conversions without working for more traffic. It saves money on traffic and on expensive copywriters but makes more money at the mean time. Increases website value is undeniable and Money Extractor enables us to build a list of buyers more quickly.

Extra Features

1. It has a pre-discount image that you can delay for any amount of time that lets the visitors know they are about to receive a discount
2. The pre-discount image also has a timer that counts down until its time for the discount to begin
3. You can control the font color of your timers and how much time you want to set them for
4. You can also update the discount and normal price with hyperlinks on your site
5. Choose from several different styles of templates in 6 different sizes to fit any website or blog theme

Whether you're looking to get more daily sales, increase your website's value, build a buyer list faster, attract bigger JV partners, sell your business, make more money with less traffic, or simply save thousands on expensive copywriters... the Money Extractor will do it all for you.
No need for learning curves, long winded courses, technical hurdles or expensive methods. You simply plug this in to as many websites as you like, then sit back and enjoy the buying frenzies that start to erupt.

There are tons of ways to drive new traffic to your blog or site, but the best traffic still happens to be repeat traffic with the Money Extractor Review. There are many strategies, but the RSS feed subscriptions are ignored by many internet marketers and online businesses and the Money Extractor Review.
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Money Extractor Review - Money Extractor Any Good?

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This article was published on 2010/12/04