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There are so many different money myths that swirl around, it can be hard to determine just what you can believe. It seems as though almost everyone could use to make more cash, but there are ways that really work and then there are so many that do not. In fact, you can find more that do not work at all then you can ones that do.

So, what myths are there about making money that you absolutely should not fall for?

1. You can pay $ 20 or $ 40 for a website that will instantly make you $ 100 or more every single day.This is so unreal, it is amazing that people fall for it as well as that people sell this claim. No one in any business would sell an opportunity for $ 20 or $ 40 that is going to make you thousands of dollars every month.

2. Making a million dollars is just as easy as making a penny.Come on. Even a five year old can find a penny. To really get into the state of mind where you are able to make a million dollars, you cannot believe this one at all. Run far and away from anyone that makes this claim. It's ridiculous.

3. You are limited as to how much money you can make.This is one that nearly everyone believes. Whether it is education, or just being in a business with a ceiling on earnings, people fall for this one all of the time. You can make an amazing amount of money in your life.

As I said before, stay far and away from anyone that makes any of these ridiculous claims. You can get yourself into a state of mind where you will find that opportunities for making some real cash come your way in abundance.

Would you like to know how?

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Money Myths

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This article was published on 2010/04/03