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In a human life, we all make choices. They say, what we choose, is what eventually defines us. This explains why people are often extra concerned and careful while making career choices. And although, many choose cautiously they often end up discontent in life. This happens not because they choose wrong, but because they fail to realize what are they choosing for.

People desire different things out of life and the decisions and choices that we make should be influenced by our ultimate desires. But we, ever-greedy humans, often fail to do so. Instead, we go making decisions with the herd and absolutely forget what we, as an individual, want. One such major decision that most youngsters are facing today, is to walk towards money or walk with passion.

The task of choosing between money and passion is a difficult one, especially for those who study many long years to get their educational degrees. These people tend to go on with their supposedly money-making careers and choose high-paying jobs rather than going for a small-packaged passionate work. The point is, these people earn money, and money alone. Not a bad thing, if your crowning aim is to get rich. But money is no man's dream, may be a way to get their goals, but certainly not the prime goal of life.

Every human has responsibilities and duties towards society in which they exist. These duties often drags a human to the money-dreaming 'rat-race' and away from his pleasing passions. The notion that passion can be pursued only after bagging some substantial moolah, is as false as it gets. The thing is, the later you act on your passion, the lesser time you get to excel in it. There are always exceptions, but most average people fail and fall in their initial quest of money, fame and possessions.

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Passion Over Money

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    Anthony 5392- 2010/10/07 05:32:12 am

    You raise an especially important point about making career choices. Career isn't just about the money. I've coached executives in mid/late career who earned serious money and have paid a terrible price in return - poor health, broken relationships, overlooked or made redundant because of a new board, takeover and so on. Career choices should be made whereby other important needs in life are also considered - needs related not only to financial needs, but relationships, family, lifestyle preferences and so on. Working to an accepted framework for career decision making will ensure you cover your bases. It will also ensure that when you start your job search, you will have a targeted job search strategy. Best wishes Anthony from Job Search Mentoring Career choices - How to make them

This article was published on 2010/10/05