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Pre-market buying has been a growing practice by investors these days particularly for net-worth investors and institutional investors. Pre-market or after hours buying and selling had become more convenient by using private trading systems or electronic communication networks (ECN) so investors can continue to participate despite dealing hours is finished.Normally, dealing hours happens between 4-8 p.m EST; thus, premarket dealing occurs next time.

The cnn money premarket offers numerous several useful features such as recent information about stock exchange futures and pre-market dealing. In the first place, the site shows the pre-market investing the day before. Therefore it's a Tuesday today, the market's close figures on Monday is shown for Dow, Nasdaq, and S & P stock markets. The cnn money premarket also lists the very best gainers and losers in line with the S & P index.

The cnn money premarket also presents the world markets trends with emphasis on Asian markets. The link on world markets directs one to a webpage that shows a global map with assorted locations and market rates. Also, the page shows world gainers and losers based on S & P along with latest international news.It cannot be denied that anything that occur in Asian economies like China or Japan affects the rest of the world. In addition to this, political environment in a certain country come with an relation to the price tag on stocks as the situation of the Korean rift.

The cnn money premarket also presents the recent currencies exchange rates which is often very valuable for all those within the money market and forex. Additionally there is a link leading to some page which lists down the rates of important commodities and classifies including energy, metals, agriculture, consumer, meat and livestock. Each classification has a sub-category, for instance, the metal category has gold, silver, platinum and copper.

Another beneficial feature from the cnn premoney market page are the the Bonds and Interests Rates. You can even find sub-groups such as US Bonds, Inflation protected, and Corporates. Lending rates can be determined by way of a drop bar that can be adjusted from the single day as much as once a year rate. Different rates of interest from Fed Funds, Libor and Prime are shown so readers can compare the rates when lending. Additionally, there are videos on topics for example business and markets which be very informative for newbies in premarket dealing.
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Stuff You Would Learn From Cnn Money Premarket

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This article was published on 2011/04/29