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A personalized weekly horoscope can be prepared which will be based on the personal data of a person and help the person to know about the things that are going to happen in the coming week. From this horoscope one can know every aspect of his life whether it is related to the work place or about his relations with the people who are around him.

Beginning of this week is good for you. This is the time to enhance your business. You must spend a huge amount on luxuries living. Your partner/spouse will overflow her love on you. Economic condition may deteriorate due o over expenditure but decisions taken intelligently will manage the situation. You will try to find some new ways of income, but all the efforts will go futile in this week. Be careful while driving. Do not involve in any sort of altercations. Situation may again favourable in the last of the week.

Journeys made related to your business may prove to be futile. Controversies may crop up and make you tense. But later on the time is in your favour. You will earn good money and your bank balance will become thick. You may get unexpected money from somewhere else. You may donate on charity. You may be fully energetic in this week to accomplish your projects. Family atmosphere will be warmer. Profit in every deal is assured. Overall this week is very auspicious for you.

You will get every success in work you will initiate in this week. Professionally you will progress much in this week. Your all delayed running projects will pickup speed and will be completed in due time. Financially you will be always at the high. You will win battle in legal case. Keep your anger in control. Manage your time schedule to attain maximum output. You will praised everywhere for your good deeds. But you may not be much satisfied with your progress and work hard to get more success.

Beware from your near one as they may try to dupe you. You may be misguided by your own trusted persons. Your health needs utmost attention, because conditions are not favourable for you. You may invest in a long turn project and requires to borrow some loan. Forget your laziness and use the time very carefully. Beware from your hidden enemies . Do not get involved in any arguments. Your future related plans will get momentum at the last day of the week. No of problems will arise and make you cornered.

You may develop contacts with foreign national or may go on a foreign trip during this period. Money inflow will be good enough in this week. Your opponents will try to hamper your interests but will not able to make a dent in your prestige. You can gain through speculations. You will be ahead in all fields of works., and will achieve the targets within stipulated time. Relations at home and in the society will be cordial. Some new contacts will develop which will prove to be rewarding. Untoward happenings may give you mental tension, and you may feel lack of money to fulfill routine expanses.

This week will pass well than before because of the increasing influence of yours in politics. Now you may get success in whatever you do is assured. You may travel abroad in connection with your official purpose. Your property will yield good results. You have to devote time with your family members to keep the atmosphere at your home peaceful. There may be a religious function at your home for which you have to manage the finance. Economically your position will be normal. You may be promoted to the next rank if you are in the service/job.

Starting of this week is not favourable for you as some financial loss or injury may cause of concern for you in this week. You have to work very hard to achieve the targets in this week. Your relations with high officials become useful. Standard of your living will be more comfortable. You have to drive your vehicle very carefully as some sort of minor accident may happen. New contacts will be developed which will be helpful in future. Your expenses will be at the high in this week. You will be able to complete your ongoing projects on time and feel satisfied. You may receive some good news during this period.

You have to leave your arrogant attitude to enhance your career prospectus. Make your attitude positive and concentrate on house hold activities as well as of your professional activities in this week. Do not be crazy about anything. All sorts of materialistic comforts will be available for you. Money inflow will be very good. Your hard work will accomplish your aim. You may get success in everything and achieve the set goals on time. Do not involve in speculations otherwise you may incur losses. Drive your vehicle very carefully and do not go to crowded places. Good money inflows will thick your bank balance.

Beginning of this week is very favourable for you. Your reputation and fame will enhance in this week. Your moral will reach at the new heights. You will be praised in your social circle. Financial hardship may cause you tense. You will take some loan to fulfill your needs. Health of your wife needs attention. Stay alert and behave very intelligently while taking any important decisions. This is a trying time for you. Last day of this week are very adverse for you. You may pass your time peacefully, and stay alert from hidden enemies.

Beginning of this week is very auspicious for you. You will get only desired results in this week. Your social reputation will reach to a new height, and you will discharge your social responsibilities very successfully. But in the middle of this week some unwanted incident may take place. Your contacts with high profile people will help you a lot at this time to come out from troubles. You will get a handsome profit in your business. You may take part in some religious functions and spend some money on charity. Beware from your opponents as they may try to harm your interest.

You will enriched with the information/knowledge related to your profession and for which you will get promotion during this period. You may spend time as you desire to do so. Good money inflow is seen. You may get number of good opportunities to go ahead in your professional life. You will be busy in social work in this week, but parallel you will accomplish your routine work as well. Do not make any long journeys during this week. Your health may needs concern, so be careful.

There is nothing new in this week for you. You may receive some sort of mixed results in this week. You may recover your loaned out money from your friends and relatives with the intervention of an influential person. You may receive mixed news also. You will be able to make profits in this week from your profession. Your health will be normal. You will get help of your friends and colleagues to complete your old pending projects. Court cases if any may go against you. You may receive bad news related to some govt. action. Stay cautions in this week.

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This article was published on 2010/03/30